Ana Cristina Patiño

Graphic / Front end designer


  • 2015

    Worked one-on-one with the founders to produce the entire user experience for a mobile and web application built to simplify individuals recognition based on bio-metrics, to be used by banks, security systems, etc. My work included workflow design based on uses cases, UI for an iOS app, and the overall graphical direction of the product.

  • 2014

    ICintel - San Francisco (Remote)

    Designed the UI and UX including front-end implementation of a fully responsive web version for a new product aimed to help decision making and ease documents management.

  • 2013

    Wi-MM - San Francisco (Remote)

    Designed and implemented all web and mobile UI/UX for an application to help users manage their data related to bicycle rides. My work also included design of graphic resources such as printed media and branding across products of the same company.

  • 2013

    Source Code 3 - San Francisco (Remote)

    Enhanced and maintained the front-end of Source Code Three, a health information sharing application. Designed the landing page for the application, including both design and implementation on a Ruby on Rails application.

  • 2012

    Infinimedia - Miami (Remote)

    Implemented and mantained HTML/CSS for a project client built with CakePHP.

  • 2010

    39 Inc - Miami (Remote)

    Designed several websites and mobile applications. The process included wireframing to execution with the UI/UX and usability best practices. The applications were mainly developed in Ruby on Rails, where i developed the HTML/CSS. Worked with a remote and multinational team.



Nacional University of Colombia

Fine Arts - Student (Not finished)


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